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This policy details the rules governing photography and recording videos at Touchdown Memorial Home for Horses, the distribution of these photos and videos, and their publication on the internet. It covers the rules for staff, governors and parents, and is founded on four main principles:


The overriding priority is to ensure that photography does not lead, either directly or indirectly, to anything that may potentially endanger the safety of the children at Touchdown Memorial Home for Horses.


We believe that every child and parent is entitled to their own privacy, and can therefore choose not to feature in photographs or videos recorded at Touchdown Memorial Home for Horses.

Projecting the right image

Photographs taken at Touchdown Memorial Home for Horses should not do anything that may cause embarrassment to the yard, the children, or the staff.

Sharing children’s achievements

It is natural for every parent to want to share their children’s activities and achievements with their friends and family. This yard is keen to allow this as much as possible, while keeping this in balance with the first three principles.


When a child joins the yard, their parent or guardian is asked for consent for the child to appear in photos on the yards website. The school encourages all parents to provide consent, as it enables us to include all the children in depictions of yard life, but we recognise and respect the right to refuse consent. Parents may withdraw consent at any time, or grant consent if they had previously declined.

Touchdown Memorial Home for Horses Website

The yard endeavours to publish on the yard website a selection of photos and videos of yard events and general school life.
Any material published to the website must be assessed to ensure it meets the following safeguarding rules:
1. It must not feature any child whose parent or guardian has not given consent.

2. It must not offer any means of identifying a child by name.

3. It must not in any way embarrass the school or the children and staff involved.

4. It should usually not include any child who left the school more than two years ago.

Rule 4 is worth explaining in more detail. Most children are excited to see photos or videos of themselves on the yard website. But as they get older, they are not always so enthusiastic about reminding themselves, or others, of their younger selves. The yard will therefore endeavour to remove older photos featuring children who have left the yard some time ago in order to avoid any embarrassment or discomfort it may cause them.

Photos and video intended for the yard website should be taken either by a member of staff, or another person (typically a governor or parent) authorised by the Centre Manager. These photos and videos must be approved by the Centre Manager prior to publication on the website; the mechanism for doing this should be agreed by the Centre Manager and the photographer.

Rules for Parents, Guardians and Governors

Parents and guardians are permitted to take photographs and record videos at designated yard events, as long as they agree to the conditions described in this policy.

These events include:
Blue Unicorn
Teen Club
Boot Sales
Holiday Camps
Barn Dances
Fun Rides

Note 1: Although these events may take place at other locations, not the yard, we kindly request that the same policy is followed as for events at the yard.

At these events, photos may only be taken at the location of the event. For most of these, this is the yard.

Outside designated events

It is not permitted to use a camera on yard premises at any time outside these designated events unless explicitly authorised by the Centre Manager.

Distribution and publication of photos and videos

Photos taken at these events are for your own personal use only. They may be shared by email with friends and family, but must not be published on any internet site. This includes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and all other social media services.

The reason for this restriction is that it is not possible for individual parents to ensure that all four of the safeguarding rules described above are adhered to at both the time of publication, and later.

Withdrawal of permission

Failure to adhere to these conditions may, at the discretion of the Centre Manager, lead to a withdrawal of permission to use a camera at future events.

Rules for Staff

Staff may take photos and video anywhere within the yard for the purposes indicated on the parental consent form.

These may be published on the yard website and social media if they conform to the safeguarding rules described above.

Subject to approval of the Centre Manager, photos and videos may be stored on secure, password-protected internet services for archival or transfer purposes.

They may be stored on password-protected staff laptops.

They should be deleted once they are no longer needed, or when the featured children have left the yard.

They may be shared with other members of staff by email to support teaching work.

They may not be shared with friends and family.

Members of staff who are also parents or guardians of children at the yard are permitted to take photographs at yardl events under the terms described in “rules for parents, guardians and governors”.

External Photographers

Terms for external photographers, such as local newspaper photographers, must be agreed in advance with the Centre Manager. These are considered on a case-by-case basis, and must conform to the safeguarding rules described above.

Date of Policy: September 2022
Policy Review: September 2022