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Corona Virus Lockdown News – Message from Countrymen UK

Despite the Corona Virus (Covid19) and the resulting lockdown for the farms and gardens in the Countrymen UK Network, we’re still maintaining contact with everyone in the Network and with Countrymen UK Group members and their families.

We’re determined to do what we can for everyone affected in the communities we serve. We may not be delivering our usual face-to-face services, but we are in contact with as many people as possible via our Website, Facebook, Twitter, telephone calls, newsletters and webinars.

We’re aware that older people can be the hardest hit by situations like this and we’ll continue to support, motivate and stimulate our Countrymen and their families throughout these extraordinary times.

Take care and stay well.

The Countrymen UK Team

Countrymen UK @ Touchdown Memorial Home for Horses

We have been in the process of developing a Countrymen UK Group but, because of the Covid-19, our plans and activities have been put on hold.

We now wish to reach out to men and their family carers within the wider, local community and this is why we are in the process of hiring an Outreach Initiative Specialist.

Because men cannot come onto the farm at the moment, the over-riding object of this Outreach Initiative is to “take the farm, garden and countryside to them”. This will be done in a variety of ways.

The key beneficiaries are men in our communities who are isolated because of Covid 19 and who are considered to be at-risk because of physical and/or mental health conditions and/or social isolation. In essence they will be the types of men we would want to attract to our Countrymen UK Group – men who have come from farming, horticulture and other countryside occupations or men with an affinity with countryside and outdoor environments. Equally important are the family members who are caring for and supporting these men.


If you are a carer or care organisation please contact us for more information @