Lark Rise Project

Lark Rise Project
Equine Assisted Mentoring & Coaching

The aim of this project is to support individuals who may have been affected by domestic abuse, sexual abuse, PTSD, mental health issues, depression, anxiety, single parent currently unemployed...ect
The Project will provide an outdoor space that allows the individuals to socialise with like minded individuals, work as a team, explore their feelings, emotions and concerns free of any judgement and criticism.

Vet Petting a Horse
Man with his Dog
Group therapy
Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor
Group therapy

During these sessions you will be working with a Mental Health professional and Equine Specialist utilising the horses as a means of discovery and exploration.

Horses will be used as a means of building confidence, gaining insight into their own behaviours and emotions, learning new skills and working together.

Using horses (on the ground, not ridden) allows the participants to do activities out with their normal roles, gain a sense of wellbeing through organised tasks, being around large animals and nature provides a more present and mindful environment.

The environment will be free from judgement, open and conducive to learning in a therapeutic manner.



  • Introductions / Discussions

  • Group Therapy

  • Team Building Activity

  • How to make a CV and contact local companies

  • Work with horses on the ground

  • Dog  therapy

  • Art and physical activities available (painting, drawing, Yoga)

2 hours per session to begin (funding and discounts available)

£40 per session

Referrals could be taken from local mental health organisations, social work department and other third sector organisations working with the specific groups who would benefit from this type of support.

Healing Therapy
Natural Cosmetics
Sitting by the Lake
Enjoying the Woods


If you would like to come to a session or are a Mental Health Professional who would like to get involved with the organisation please get in touch !