Our Trustees


Chairman – Frances Davies

Frances Davies is a British Horse Society Stage  IV and is skilled and experienced in all aspects of management. She has kept horses all her  life and has  bred, started and trained a wide range of horses in the UK and in Australia . She has had her own successful yard for over twenty years and is particularly interested in intelligent horsemanship, complementary medicine and equine facilitated therapy.  She is skilled and experienced in management of people and has a successful track record in motivating teams to exceed targets in busy environments. She is successful at dealing with all aspects of Human Resource management.  When not with the horses she is an elder of the Kirk of Scotland and enjoys walks with her Labrador in the beautiful Scottish countryside.


Trustee - Melanie Foley

When I was 18, I started work at Grange Riding Centre until it closed in 2008 then I taught at the Cabin for a year until I found out I was pregnant in mid 2009.

I started at Touchdown in 2019, I have 2 kids and a stepson and live with my partner. Getting this job was a dream of mine and I always wanted to help horses in need.

Interesting facts about me:

1) I was a finalist in the British Equestrian Federation groom award in 2006. I didn’t get placed but did get a special mention. The winner was William Fox-Pitt’s groom, Jackie Potts and in 3rd Place was Zara Phillips groom, Catherine Owen

2) As well as having 2 horses (my oldest and first horse pictured below on FB) I also have chickens. I love chickens. I have just under 30 . If money was no object I have loads of horses and thousands of chickens .

3) I was diagnosed with crohns disease 2 1/2 years ago. I’m in remission but some days I am completely drained of energy.

So that’s a wee bit more about me.”

Below you can slide the pictures to see my by day with the chickens or with my horse 

Trustee – Lilian Johnstone

Lilian joined Touchdown in May 2017 and started as a volunteer helping mucking out the stables, enjoying being outside and grooming the horses.

Her professional document control experience in the oil and gas industry helped us out to set up an robust document system with document numbering. She is our secretary / document controller / website administrator and assists with funding applications.

Lilian has is very creative and has her input regarding the interior of our new café in the Indoor Arena including the Blue Unicorn Mascot.

During Covid-19 Lilian worked remotely on the Countrymen Project to provide it raised planting beds, polytunnel and seating area.

View her professional work experiences on LinkedIn.


Trustee – Luthien Lark

My name is Luthien Tinuviel Lark. I grew up on a farm in Fife surrounded by beautiful countryside, various horses, cats, ducks, Irish wolfhounds and beagles until I was 11 years old.

My parents then informed me that we were moving to the Highlands, where they had bought a large boarding kennels.

In 2010 I achieved my Psychology MA Honours degree and Person-Centred Counselling (COSCA Accredited). During my time in Aberdeen and whilst studying, I continued to work in the field of mental health. However, on graduating I was involved in developing a pilot employability project that was successful and lasted a year. I then returned to the Highlands, started a family and found myself a part time teaching post as social care lecturer, this led into assessing and finally the field of training. I have been a trainer, training coordinator, training manager, coach and mentor both in the voluntary and commercial sector.

Through out this time I have both owned and loaned horses, I was fortunate enough to meet some knowledgeable Equestrians who shared similar interests and passions. One individual introduced me to Equine Assisted Therapy, she loaned me the EAGALA manual and we discussed the methodologies.

I have studied more and been keen to utilise the principles of Equine Assisted Therapy, Learning and Coaching. I feel it will be of considerable benefit to individuals requiring assistance to overcome obstacles and barriers in their daily lives and gain the confidence, self esteem and motivation to work towards choosing their own goals and reaching their potential.